Why am I adopted and will I be loved like my brothers and sisters?

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God strolled through heaven, as God always does... singing, whistling, stopping here and there to smell the flowers, to pet the animals... and smiled as he saw all the angels joyfully playing, singing songs of praise and glowing in the light of love that is the universe. What a wonderful place he created, and to share it with each happy, loving soul made it a thing of beauty.

But something was amiss... God saw a beautiful young angel girl sitting under a weeping willow along the river bank... you see, when angels feel sad, they always find a weeping willow tree... just one of those many peculiar things that angels do. Well, this little angel was sobbing, and wiping the tears away from her eyes with her big, feathery wings.

God quietly approached the angel... he knew her name... after all he is God and he knows everything. He even knew what was wrong; but the way God works is that he wants you to talk with him, because sometimes, even God gets lonely. So God touched the little angel on the shoulder and spoke to her...

“My dear little Callie,” He said. (God really liked that name... it was one of his favorites). “Why are you so sad?”

Callie turned, wiped away a tear and smiled at God. God always makes everyone smile, even sad little angels. “All my friends have been down to earth and lived there as a human. I have never really wanted to go there, because this is such a wonderful place. But they tell me stories about all their amazing adventures on earth, the places they went, the people they met, the things they did. And they also tell me about the bad things that happen... the mean people, the sadness, the hurt and pain, the disappointment. It seems so confusing and so difficult. I really want to go to earth, but I am so, so afraid.”

“You are right, Callie, earth is very confusing... but it is very wonderful... a special place. And yes, there is sadness, but you will wipe away sadness with much happiness, overcome disappointment with your joy and for every mean person you meet, there will be hundreds of kind people, and those kind people will help you in your life.”

“But God,” Callie whispered, “I am still afraid”

“I have a special solution for you, Callie,” God said. God always finds a solution.

“Earth can be scary for a little girl, especially your first time there. So, the best thing that could happen to a little girl is to have a loving and kind mother. You see, a mother loves her child without conditions, and she will protect her child and keep her safe and help the child grow into a beautiful person. And even though it may be hard at times to understand a mother's actions, she will always do what is best for her girl, and will help her little girl become a lovely young lady.”

Callie looked puzzled. “But God, how will I be certain to have such a wonderful mother... not every mother is so kind, not every family so perfect?”

“That is right, my dear. But as I said, I have a special solution, for my special angel.” God winked, and when God winks, you just know everything is gonna be alright. "You will be adopted."

"Adopted?" Callie was puzzeled. "Why am I adopted?"

“You see, right now on earth, there is a wonderful woman who has been praying for a child. She just lost a little baby, and is so sad... she so much wants to be blessed with a little girl to add to her family... a daughter to love forever and ever... an answer to her prayers.”

“So why doesn't she just have another one?”, Callie asked.

“It's not that easy... she got sick and now her body will not let her have another baby.”

"But you can fix that... "

God laughed, "Yes, but that is not in the plan, precious one."

“Ohhh, that is sad. I bet she would be a wonderful mother to a little girl,” said Callie.

“You are right... she would be the best mother... loving, kind, caring.”

Callie thought for a second... “I wish I could have a mother like that.”

“I bet you do,” God said. “And I am certain she would love to have a daughter like you.”

Callie jumped up in excitement... a thought just came across her mind. “Wait, I know... You are God... You can do anything... you can make her my mother, make me her daughter... right now!”

“Is that what you want, Callie?” God smiled. He gets great pleasure from letting people think they come up with brilliant ideas.

“Yes, more than anything”

“OK, but since she can no longer have a baby born in her body, we will have to do this a different way, if you agree, of course. She must adopt a special daughter.” God peered over his glasses at Callie. God doesn't need glasses, but he likes to wear them because he thinks it makes him look smarter, more distinguished.

“Tell me how... I am ready. If she wants to adopt a special daughter, I can be special, can't I?

“I will have you born in a far away land. Your first few years of your life may not be very happy, in fact, they will be difficult, but I will watch over you closely, assign a special guardian angel, and you will be fine. During this time, your mother-to-be...”

“What's her name?”, Callie interrupted.

God laughed... he wasn't used to being interrupted, but saw the amusement in the little angel's curiosity. “Her name is Donna.”

“Oh, that's a beautiful name...”

“As I was saying, during this time, Donna will be praying to adopt the daughter of her dreams. She will search the entire world her. She will sacrifice so much and not rest or find peace until she finds her.”

“But how will she find me if I am so far away?”

“Because you want her to find you. You want her for your mother and the love you have inside will send out a silent signal that will be heard by Donna's heart, and her heart will tell her brain where to find you.”

“But what if I disappoint her, what if I am not the daughter she wants me to be?” Callie started to cry.

“Do not worry, my dear Callie. You will never disappoint your mother. You see, Donna will have the chance to pick out any young girl in the world, and there are millions waiting to be chosen... but there is only one young girl in the whole world who is the answer to her prayers... and that is you. She will find you, and when she does, you will make her happy. She will be proud of you. And she will love you like no other person in the world could love you. I promise, and you know God keeps his promises.”

Callie's smile grew wide... then a sad look wiped away the cheer. "But... but... if she has other children that were born right from her body, I am going to be different... maybe not loved like the others... not special like the others. So, why am I adopted?"

God paused for a second... He wanted to put things in the simplest terms to help Callie understand.

"Callie, you will be more than special. Do you know what it feels like when I come along here in heaven and stop by and give you a gift, say a puppy... yes, when I give you a puppy to keep and take care, how do you feel?"

"Oh, I am so thankful and so happy and I love that puppy so much."

"And what about times when you visit me, and I let you play with all the puppies, and I tell you that you can pick out any puppy, take it home and keep it forever?"

Oh, God, I am very happy then, 'cause I get to pick out the puppy that I like the best. It's special 'cause out of all the puppies in heaven, I get to choose the best one for me."

“Now do you understand, Callie? Sometimes I give the gift of a baby directly to the mother... and they love the gift. Other times, I allow the mother to chose her perfect baby... and that makes it very special. So, you will be able to choose any mother and your mother will choose from any daughter. And out of all the little girls in heaven, and all the mothers on earth, you will choose each other. That is very special... not everyone has that kind of love... a special love.

Callie started flapping her wings and floated in the air with joy. “Yippee, I am ready to be born.” "Why am I adopted? Because I am special."

Then she dropped back to the ground with a thud. “But tell me, God, will everything be great?”

“My dear, Callie. You will experience everything life on earth has to offer. You will live a long and wonderful life. You will be happy and you will do great things... I know this, after all, I am God, you know.”

Callie laughed. She had a beautiful smile with dimples from God's thumbprint.

“But one thing you must remember, my dear. When you are on earth and things aren't going right, or you are sad, or angry... remember this... your mother is your best friend and loves you more than you will understand... and she always will.”

“I will remember,” said Callie.

“And one last thing... and I'll be watching for this one...” God put his hands on Callie's cheeks and looked into her eyes... “tell her you love her, often, and tell her how happy you are that you found each other.”

“I will,” promised Callie.

“Goodbye, my precious angel. Have fun...”

"Wait, one last thing...." Callie smiled sheepishly. "...can I have a dog on earth?"

"Of course... many."

God kissed Callie on the forehead, and with that, there was one less angel in heaven, one more angel on earth... to be welcomed with motherly love by an angel in waiting. Mother and daughter... "chosen ones."

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